Program Goals


To cultivate the growth of nurturing, responsive parent child relationships


To cultivate the growth of nurturing, responsive parent child relationships


To build foundations for strong family functioning.

About Us

Founded in 1993
Our mission is to meet the needs of families in Northwest Arkansas for individualized parenting education and family support.

Family Network’s home-based prenatal and parenting education program was modeled after Healthy Families America, a national initiative to help parents of newborns get their children off to a healthy start. Ben Franklin wisely said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of child abuse prevention. Every child is precious. Every child deserves a chance to grow up to realize his or her full potential. And every parent faces numerous challenges along the way! Some parents are lucky and have extensive networks of family and friends to help guide them in the journey called parenting. Others have far fewer resources to draw on. The Family Network is the safety net for many, many first-time parents in our area. Spending a modest amount to deliver in-home parenting education helps society to avoid much larger costs associated with families who find themselves in the court system. Not to mention the expense of foster care and the painful separation that children must endure. There is no better investment in a community than an investment in healthy families so that children experience positive, nurturing environments in those most critical first three years of life.


Audrey Zavaleta
Audrey Zavaleta
Interim executive director
Audrey Zavaleta graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. She was introduced to the non-profit world through the Americorps VISTA program in 2012. Audrey joined Family Network in Oct. 2013. Her passion is being a voice for the under-served and unrepresented, and being a channel for knowledge that empowers others.
Ashley Lehman
Ashley Lehman
Parent educator
Ashley graduated from Henderson State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. She began non-profit work in 2012 with Healthy Families America where she developed a passion for early intervention within the family unit. In her free time, Ashley dives into anything outdoors and artistic; including-Sketching, Knit/Pearl, etc.

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