Home Visitation

What is it?

A variety of parenting information and parent-child activities are brought to a family instead of a family having to seek out and attend “classes” in the community.

Who provides it?

Parent Educators are professionally-trained staff.

When does it happen?

Home visits are offered weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the stage of pregnancy or the age of the child.

Where do we meet?

Visits are most often held in a family’s home, but Parent Educators may attend medical or social service appointments as advocates for a family.

Why is it beneficial?

Home visitation allows us to individualize the program to better meet the needs of the parents and children we serve.  It also helps nurture each family’s sense of independence, pride, and confidence.

Parent Education and Support

  • Help family find a medical home, assistance completing Medical applications, WIC and other needed services.


  • Transportation assistance to medical visits as well as assistance in keeping up to date on immunizations.


  • Education on child development and positive parenting practices.


  • Aid and support in continuing/completing educational aspirations (High School, College, Trade School, etc.).


  • Crisis intervention and help transitioning into independent living.


  • Support in obtaining childcare, assistance in childcare enrollment and accessing other resources as needed.


  • Monthly parent group meetings to promote social support and connection.